I earned my BA in Political Science from Antioch College, my Master’s in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College when my master’s thesis about taking American college students to India became a book, Subject India, published by Intercultural Press. I received my Doctorate in Education from the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts. My dissertation, Multicultural Education in a Predominantly White Rural Public Elementary School, focused on anti-racism work in mostly white schools. During and shortly after graduate school I taught Intercultural Communication at Lesley College and the School for International Training, along with other courses at the University of Massachusetts and Springfield College.

At age 21 I inherited a little less than $1,000,000. The juxtaposition of holding social justice values while being a Standard Oil heir led me to the world of social change philanthropy. I founded The People’s Resource of Southwest Ohio with a community board. Since then I have been involved with a wide range of social change philanthropic and donor activist organizations, including A Territory Resource (now Social Justice Fund), Threshold Foundation, Peace Development Fund, Women Donors Network, Donor Organizers Network with National Network of Grantmakers, More than Money, Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, Peppercorn Foundation, Responsible Wealth, Resource Generation and Bolder Giving.

I co-founded Class Action, with Felice Yeskel after co-founding a cross-class dialogue group that met monthly for six years. Class Action’s mission is to inspire action to end classism, raise awareness, facilitate cross-class dialogue, support cross-class alliances and work with others to promote economic justice. I continue to support and work closely with Class Acton.

In working towards a more resilient and generative local economy I work with Invest Here Now, and Pioneer Valley Network.

I have undergone theater training with Augusto Boal, Michael Rohd, Keith Johnstone, Julie Portman, Karen Montenaro, Zany Angels, Linda Putnam, Ruth Zapora, Carolyn Sadeh and Toby Bercovicci. I integrate much of what I learn into my work with individuals, organizations and workshops.

I have completed a 125-hour course in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching. This training has added to my toolbox, along with Mediation Training, Non-Violent Communication and other modalities that I use in working with organizations as they evolve.

I am also on the Temenos Council.  I have drawn upon a deep reflective spiritual practice for over 30 years. It is the foundation of my work, play, service and life. I am also a student of QiGong.