Creative Interactive Workshops on Money and Class

Money and class are such a complex and powerful topics – they’re important in just about everybody’s life. Our relationship with money and class can often be stressful, scary and frustrating. Creativity, theater and play offer an extremely useful way to get at difficult feelings and experience. It can help lead to fruitful actions in our personal and institutional lives.

Here is a menu of workshops available for your organization or classroom. Some of these are in given collaboration with Class Action.

Exploring Class

This is a basic workshop about class and classism that enables individuals and/or an organization to understand their relationship to class as well as understanding the cultural and institutional forms of classism that contribute to maintaining and perpetuating a dangerously unequal society. We do experiential exercises, draw on poetry and role-playing and deal with some basic information about the wealth divide in the USA.

The Money Game

An interactive game in which participants play with real money (each person decides how much) exploring the experiences of taking, giving and asking for money. This game provides an enjoyable but powerful means of learning more about one’s own relationship to money and about which conditions make it flow and which make it consolidate. It is best played in a group of 20 or more and can be useful for organizations as well as individuals.

Fundraising: Who Is Asking for What?

This is a good workshop for non-profit boards and organizations that feel ambivalent about fundraising. Participants embody all the different possible feelings that people might have in the course of fundraising and being fundraised. Through play, a challenging topic is explored in a non-threatening way that reveals beliefs and attitudes without exposure. The outcome is that fundraisers are able to raise money more authentically and productively.


This is a workshop that draws primarily upon exercises developed by Augusto Boal (Theater of the Oppressed), Keith Johnstone (Impro), and Michael Rohd (Sojouner Theater and Center for Performance and Civic Practice).

Allies for Racial Justice

This workshop is provided through Class Action, It is a 5 hour workshop with me and a facilitator of color. We cover class and racial background, racial identity development, dealing with micro-aggressions, exploring what it means to be an ally and planning one’s next steps. We use poetry, role-plays and writing as tools to explore these issues.

Tailor-Made Workshops

You tell us what your organization is working on, what you wish to explore and what outcomes you would like to have, and we will design an experiential workshop to achieve those goals.