Philanthropic Advising and Life Coaching

I have worked with wealthy people and philanthropy since the mid 70’s and am familiar with both the great benefits and the challenges of having money. I can help you:

  • Live up to your full potential in all areas of your life, including health, relationships, family, work and community
  • Align the way you live with your most deeply held values

Many people are enthusiastic about doing something with their resources but do not know how to begin. Others feel a sense of isolation, not sure to whom they can talk about feelings, decisions, dilemmas and quandaries. I can help you overcome the barriers you face so that all your resources – human and financial – are well used to benefit you and your community.

Philanthropic Advising

I help you:

  • Clarify philanthropic values
  • Set giving/ philanthropic goals
  • Create, then evaluate, a giving plan
  • Conduct clear, healthy relationships with fundraisers
  • Hold family meetings and family foundations
  • Initiate and/or participate in giving circles
  • Learn more about finding local investing opportunities

Life Coaching for People with Wealth

Life coaching enables you to:

  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Create systems that help you be more effective with your time
  • Find honest and fulfilling ways to be in friendships and working relationships with people in different financial situations and from different class backgrounds
  • Create or find supportive networks and colleagues
  • Choose other financial professionals
  • Sort out feelings and thoughts that impact wills, estate planning giving to children and friends
  • Work to make personal lifestyle changes, helping you develop new habits and patterns

Life coaching involves a long-term commitment to yourself in order to achieve goals that are difficult to attain when working on your own. Making a 3- to 6-month commitment enables you to learn from barriers and to transform them as you live the journey of your life.